When Things Don’t Go Your Way

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As you can see things in life don’t always go your way. Shit breaks, people screw you over, and adCenter sends you retarded emails

What we must remember as internet marketers, is that things rarely go our way or as planned. Everyone knows what I’m talking about: companies treating their affiliates like dung, ad networks over-regulating, and the ever changing environment we work in. So just a few words of encouragement for all, don’t give up! And never settle for your current ways. When left sedentary campaigns will often fall into exponential decay, often leaving up wondering why. Always be expanding keyword list, testing new adcopy, and always look for long term revenue(subscription, investments, etc.)!

Overall what I’m saying, and currently experiencing, is that nothing always goes as planned so work to diversify your earnins and get a strong foothold in the markets your currently occupy. oh yah… and the video make me laugh.

7 thoughts on “When Things Don’t Go Your Way”

  1. Hey,Coop yeah I hear ya on the keywords.Every time I find some good ones sure enough some a-holes find em too and raise up the damn bids especially on Google. I’ve moved to primarily Yahoo,Msn,and 7search because their keywords are cheaper and the rate per click stays pretty stable. Also Conversions are just as good as Google. Yahoo’s my favorite now since their interface now allows you to opt out of their content network and run only search campaigns . I still use adwords but none of them run for to long since the bids keep going up. Fuckin sucks ! But,yeah gotta keep addin keywords fo sho.

  2. Oh,dude yeah you gotta try 7search! After doing alot of research on em from impartial people on the net saying they have really good ROI compared with Google,Yahoo,and MSN I decided to give em a go. I’m marketing discover cards and the traffic isn’t really blazing for me yet since I’m starting slow but the traffic I do get is high quality especially since I pay significantly lower cpc on 7search than the other search engines. I can get clicks for like 0.20-0.40 on 7search that I’d have to pay like 0.70-0.90 on the other ones and those prices stay steady to! I had actually heard some good and then some really bad things about 7search but I think the bad stuff comes from people who don’t really know what they’re doing,lol! They’re traffic is ligit though and they only allow for advertising in the U.S. so they can monitor click fraud more efficiently. Fine by me,lol!!

  3. Oh,yeah I”ve never had a problem with keywords from MSN. Now days though I can’t seem to get any traffic from them. They used to have more traffic before they switched to that live search. I guess people don’t use them as much anymore? I don’t know.

  4. Well there search percentage share is growing because of people updating to IE7 and Vista, which of course has the default engine as Live.com, and anything typed in the address bar that isn’t a valid URI will be sent to live.com as well.

    Where does 7Seach have it’s ads distributed to?

  5. Coop,Yeah,if you go to 7search.com and click their advertisers link and then at the top left you’ll see tour 7search services. Under that you’ll see a list of options and one of them will be “see a partial list of 7search partners”. If you click on that you’ll get an idea of who they use. It’s basically a bunch of other little but popular search engines on the net. A couple of em are abcsearch, mamma.com,searchfeed.com,etc…..Surprisingly they do get alot of real traffic and it has worked pretty well for me . Their interface isn’t as snazzy as the big guns but it’s sufficient.

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