A Long Needed Update

Well I have returned from my vacation in Panama City Beach with the friends (pics to be posted) and this blog is in dire need of an update.

Over the past two weeks I have drifting away from the traditional SEM (find an offer, get some keywords, and push it in the PPCs) and moving more towards offering custom solutions to a variety of businesses. Recently in my post, The Exclusive Affiliate, I spoke about about becoming the sole affiliate and SEO for a motorcycle parts site, well some were asking how that was going and I’m happy to say that we are ranking top 5 for some of the target keywords where we formally didn’t rank at all. I accomplished this by the good ‘ole method of link building (and a couple neat tricks!).

The Facebook Marketing Experiment turned out not so good.  The Flyers were pretty much a bust, although cheap, they just failed to attract the CTR I was looking for. Also conversions were pretty lousy on a variety of offers (ringtones, ipod, weightloss, etc.). As for emailing high member group admins…. well almost no response. So my advice, for now, would be just advertise your party across from campus, not affiliate products. I still testing with this so when I get some solid good advice, that converts!, I will share.

If anyone has any topic they would like discussed, please send me an email!

3 thoughts on “A Long Needed Update”

  1. I had tried Facebook flyers a few months ago, but it flopped for me too. Good thing I didn’t invest too heavily into it. I think that it would be effective to develop some kind of Facebook App that integrates affiliate offers. Want to work with me? 🙂

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