SANS 504 and CTF

Passed the GCIH today. Also last week I won the SANS 504 CTF for the class which was much simpler than the SANS 560 CTF. Thanks to Kevin Fiscus for the great class and props for turning a mediocre social engineering attempt into a prime rick-roll.

Overall the exam wasn’t too difficult – but it had more depth and was longer than the last one (GPEN) I took. Having a strong understanding of the fundementals of an attack and some common sense concerning incident response should make the exam and breeze – of course having a good index less expensive no excuse for failure!

The CTF was pretty well put together and I made the mistake of not using the SANS provided VM when cracking some passwords even though I used their pw list… That delayed our win about 45 minutes, but like Vin Diesel always says,”It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.”

Those are wise words to live by.