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Time to give back some link love…

Internet Marketer Fail when they get Lazy …“Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.” 🙂

How to Make $5,000,000 … “Many people that succeed or make it big many times fail at first, but the important thing is they got up and kept trying.”

5 Reasons Blogs don’t Last … “Just like going to the gym, blogging takes months of hard work to see any noticeable benefits.”

Yes, their is a common theme here… DON’T GIVE UP! The biggest reason most people fail is because they’re stupid or lazy… and since you’re reading this blog I know you’re not stupid! 🙂 But honestly, if you expect to have $ and success handed to you, then you will fail, because there are many other people who are willing to get off their ass and win.”Make success, don’t take success.” -me

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  1. I’m not sure that the reason ppl fail is that they’re “stupid” or “lazy” but maybe that they are deterred too easily. I think it takes a good stomach to do this kind of stuff, and ppl aren’t willing to take the initial hits when they’re grand spankin’ new.

    Not a sermon, just a thought.

  2. Keith: ya that is an awesome post

    BusH: I just said the biggest reasons (imo) are that, of course there are a hundred reasons people fail.

    Nate: No Problem!

  3. Don’t you know that it is the person that finishes the race that wins the prize? We may not all win first place, but we will at least get a participation medal if we keep on. There are lots of people out there with great inventions but they never made it to the market place because they were not persistent. There’s the story of the unjust judge who gave justice because he got tired of the whining! NOw I don’t know if I want to be a whiner, but whatever it takes to make it – that’s what I’m gonna give.

  4. Sorry, Coop, but this is not relevant to this post. Anyway, yo, I read on Shoemoney’s blog that you’re looking for an internship at Pepperjam this summer. WTF aren’t you here now?

  5. Daehee: you work there? I’ve been talking to Tara in SEM and she said they get tons of apps so hopefully i get picked… but i’ll need to know soon

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