AdSense Mobile and Presently

Adense MobileAnd Goodle Google does it again… Mobile adsense is here and I’m sure the iPhone hysteria has accelerated G’s push for this service. The iphone and it’s unlimited data plan allows for it’s users excellent internet access and viewing, so this has obviously caught the attention of big G. Anyway I don’t really see users that are surfing the internet on their phone clicking ads, as the more technologically aware we are, the more ad-blind we seem to be.

More so I do see a better market for email marketing via SMS for phones, although this is relatively untapped as well. I’ve experimented with this and continue to develop this vertical.

Anyway, I don’t see this (mobile adsense) as a huge revenue producer as of yet… Next.

Presently is out! This brings Google one step closer to a an ms office killer. I’m a big fan of there spreadsheet software because I can open them straight out of gMail, and I’ve used there text editor a couple times… I believe (along with hearing the news that gMail will soon have a desktop app) that google is going to be delivering a downloadable office suite that has free online storage and collaboration for email, presentations, spreadsheets, and text editing. I’m already a big fan of Open Office so this will probably give students and others a very useful alternative to M$ Office.

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