The Exclusive Affiliate

The word super affiliate can best be described as an one capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program’s activity, some even describe it as…

  • Part of the 1% of all legitimate affiliate marketers (ebooks don’t count!)
  • Monthly affiliate marketing revenues should be no less than $250k a month (revenue, not profit)
  • Annual profits should be no less than $1 million based on your total affiliate marketing revenues
  • You must be hitting the minimums for at least 1.5 years consecutively (to make sure it isn’t a fluke)

ExclusiveNow I’m not about to say that I qualify for that realm but I would like to talk about becoming a different type of affiliate (one that could possibly lead to becoming a Super Affiliate), the Exclusive Affiliate. Being an exclusive affiliate means to either be a businesses only affiliate or to capture a percentage of every sale, of course the latter is the greater.

Recently (as in yesterday), I finished a deal to become the exclusive affiliate for a motorcycle parts sales site. I personally know the gentleman who operates this site and we worked out a deal to where I would receive a percentage of Every sale. I obtained this position by first figuring out his needs without talking to him, when doing business it is vital to be able to anticipate needs. I reviewed his site and came up with a one page detailed analysis of his standings, including SEO factors, a marketing plan, target keywords, needed site changes, and customer acquisition strategies.

When I finally approached him about the site we started to discuss what he wanted and the possible direction he wanted to take the site. He was very impressed with my presentation and told me that he didn’t want to market through PPC and only wanted to grow through organic, he also explained to me that others have approached him with their “SEO Services” often with price tags over $10,000. We finished our first meeting with handshake and planned our second meeting for the next day (which was yesterday).

The next day our meeting went as planned with about an hour discussion into marketing then compensation. We discussed his margins and markup on the products he offered, and eventually we came out with a compensation rate of 5% on all products sold, indefinitely.

Now to some 5% may not sound like a large amount of $ because most are dealing with limited relationships. You only get paid on the sales you bring in. But as an Exclusive Affiliate, compensated on all sales, the totals add up quickly. For example ranking #1-5 for popular term can mean a residual, passive income even after position in the SERPs has been obtained. Yes this will be ALOT of work up front, but after top placement has been achieved it is relatively easy to maintain a top result by killing the ranking in comparison to others for the same keywords. Overall becoming an exclusive affiliate for several business can help you wallet become fat quickly. My advice would be to try and strike some deals with local companies… it can be very rewarding!

New Job Title: Exclusive Affiliate.

Job Description: SEO, SEM, Marketing Director.


10 thoughts on “The Exclusive Affiliate”

  1. So are you going to be working on HIS site? Or do you have a site of your own that you’re going to market and then refer to his site to make the sale? (Just trying to get my head around all this).

  2. I’m still learning a lot about online business, but I like this idea. I’d consider it a job well done. (As long as you can hold him up to his end!)

  3. Hey Daehee: This is def. a different method that could do well for people that would rather see the people they are doing business with, i’ll write an update soon!

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