Danger at Digg

I was reading Neil’s excellent post about censorship at digg and it made me wonder about a problem I had with digg.

About a month or two ago I submitted a story concerning the “church” of scifientology and their continued effort towards censorship of an unreleased film. The story received 2000 diggs very quickly and became the number 1 story on digg.com and remained there for quite a while. After about an hour I hit refresh on my browser and the story had completely vanished from the front page! I did a quick search and found that it didn’t appear in the search results either, I thought that it was buried but confused why it didn’t even show in the searches. I light heartedly guess that they censored it on the request of the scifientologists, but now I am thinking this may be true…

Let’s look at some recent buries… Go Here and press “Control + F” then type “scientolo”.  Keep clicking next to see all the buries revolving around scientology (which is a LARGE amount)… all are identified as inaccurate or spam. hmmm.

Anyway, I just thought I would share my thoughts… oh and if you want to see a bit of reporting on the bullshit of scifientology visit xenu.net.

Scientology gay

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  1. That’s pretty freakin crazy man. It seems that Digg has struggled with the content it … points to, especially in recent times the whole HD-DVD code thing or whatever. But where I could see why Digg would struggle with the HD-DVD thing, this (imho) is a lot less understandable.

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