AdEngage Reviewed

When looking for ways to market your website you basically want two things.

  1. Targeted Traffic
  2. Cheap Traffic

Many services exist that provide both of these but one that I would like to mention, in particular, that is AdEngage.

AdEngageAdEngage is an advertising network that displays over 10 billion ads every month (seems to be mostly Humor sites). The reason I choose to mention such a service is because of the excellent pricing for ads on many publisher’s websites, but first a little more info. AE offers two basic ad purchasing methods, per site and RON (run on network CPC). If you decide to use AdEngage, then ALWAYS go on a per site basis. Also AE allows you to upload a picture to be served next to your ad, how sweet. Now when searching for a site to publish an ad upon, use the advanced search feature. I always pick a site with high U.S usage, high English speaking, and higher Alexa rank. Now for the fun part! When looking for through the sites you can find sites that have eCPC (estimated cost per click) at $.01, yes one cent! I have actually gotten an eCPC at about 1/5 of one cent.

The checkout for AE is also really simple. It allows you to make different campaigns so you can easily manage your advertising and repurchase, with… PAYPAL! Plus the stats are almost real time reporting and give simple, yet informative information on the performance of your ad. My advice is to buy advertising of 5-10 sites for one week and then repurchase the top performers for a month (which gives you a little discount). Oh, and be ready for a little international traffic as well.

So, if you do any kind of internet advertising you need to check out AdEngage. I have had excellent success there in affiliate marketing and their user base is growing daily so try it out!

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[it is not, but dam that sounded like a sponsored post]

6 thoughts on “AdEngage Reviewed”

  1. So are you currently using AdEngage with websites that just serve ads or that sell product? I’m asking because I’ve only had experience with AdWords, and I’ve found it hard, (if not impossible), to generate enough revenue off of CPC or CPM ads to cover the cost of bringing ppl to the site. But it sounds that if if you can get traffic for as little as .01, it may be worth my time to check it out. But then you have to ask if these visitors are qualified you know? …But I guess that goes into how well I design my ad…

  2. Yes, i currently buy advertisements on AE. The traffic is cheap enough that you could arbitrate easily with ypn or affilate.
    The thing is it may have an average of .01 cents a click but if your ad stinks it could run much higher because you pay a flat amount (similar to adbrite).

  3. Just be warned that many of adengage site server to the Adult community which is why clicks are so cheap … but hey if you can make those clicks convert into dollars in your pocket it is worth it. :)… Also keep in mind on your end u better be geo servering YPN ads or you could find yourself baned due to intl traffic from adengage.

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