A Letter to AdCenter

Dearest adCenter,

I need to tell you something, I’ve been cheating on you. Her name is Adwords and we just get along so well, sometimes I think we are meant to be. I know that you were my first, and I loved everything about you… multiple $250 account vouchers, no quality score, and less competition; but lately you have changed. You seem like you don’t even want me around. You email all the time telling me my “Keywords Require Change”, your relevancy has gone to hell, and you just don’t have the volume I need in a relationship. I’m sorry to say but I think our relationships and accounts are over, all 15 of them. Maybe one day when you decide what you truly want in life and stop being a follower we can try this again, but till then I must move on to greater relevancy, more traffic, and beautiful interface.

Goodbye adCenter… it was fun while it lasted.


5 thoughts on “A Letter to AdCenter”

  1. Reply From Adcenter,

    It was great Flirting you, I got a New BF and had to move. Hope you have a great time with Adwords. Hope you will be Married this time. Dont be mean this time. Get a baby soon.

    Your EX

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