Wrapping up with Stella

So I’m tired and don’t want to deal with the scammer anymore… My plan was to

  1. Get replies from the scammer.  [Done]
  2. Postpone a reply and See if they actively pursued me. [Done]
  3. Set up a free online voicemail and get them to leave me a voice mail. [Nope]
  4. Have fun. [Kinda]
  5. Embarrass them. [Who cares]

So I got kinda pissed when I found out the PrivatePhone was canceled and finding another free online voicemail that gave a local number was… boring. So here are the replies I got back from Stella.

Dear Rusty,

Thanks for your mail and i want you to understand that the transaction demands total cooperation and support to enable me present the relevant information regarding this transfer.And i need a honest and sincere person that will not fail along the process of this transaction,i needed to hand over this business at your disposal as my foreign beneficiary that will be recieving my money on my behalf  before coming to the state to invest with the fund.

And pls i will love to have the following details about you,like your Full name ,home address,age and phone number to enable my attorney get in tounch with you for further process inorder to meet up with the security company demands.

Thanks for accepting to help me and thank God also that i meet the right person that i can possiblely trust. And who will take good care of me and my younger sister as we have no other person to trust on,but you and our God who have not fail us.I have been convince in my mind to handle over this onus or responsibility to you because of your capability and trust i have on you,believing that you will not fail our trust on you.

Moreover,I live at Akwa Anambra state,No 8 ziks avenue akwa city.I have to change my father place to stay with my younger one because of the crisis in the family after the lost of our father and always remember the situation of the royal kingdom where there is many wives and children.My mother been the last wife has nothing much to contribute or any share of the property as it was a cat and dog affair.But the only thing will possess now is that deposit made on my behalf by my late father base on the smooth relationship and love which existed between them.And sometime i used to admit that my father may have forseen the future and condition of his royal home if it happen that he is no more and that is the major reason why he commited this deposit on my behalf so that me and my younger sister will not suffer much.There is nothing to fear since every relevant legalities is with my attorney who has promise to assist me to see that the transaction go successfully.This attorney was introduced to me by my mother before she left us and he is a very good man,he has been taking good care of us and sometime he normally sent us money to pay for my younger one school fees.I will hand over his contact to you after introducing you to him and i want you to know that i wish to change my milieu to your state to enable me engage on new business  and also to change school for my younger one.But i still want to further my Education and remember that i trust much on you from now and take me as your own daughter and do not fail me.Pls explain more about yourself to me ,are you married,any kids,occupation and wife.

May God Bless You.

Your  Sincerely,
Miss Stella.

And the second one…

Dear Rusty,

How is today? I have not heard from you as we both agreed on base on the urgent attention needed to enable me successful transfer my fund as soon as possible.And this can only went through or possible especially when you as my Foreign beneficiary cooperate and support me.

Pls am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible and remember our condition here.I need to change my milieu once this deposit is transfer to your personal account and i will also love invest part of the money in the family business on agreement and table discussion so that i can also learn more about the business.Pls am also ready to compensate you for every help that was render to me at this moment of hard experience.

Have a nice day.

Your Faithfully,
Miss Stella.

Needless to say these are scams… Please expand on my escapades…