Spring Semester Over, I rejoice!

Thank GodFinally my Spring semester is over!!! 21 hours of college, mostly on two days a week is not fun at all… I don’t recommend trying it unless your feeling like inflicting a little self punishment. I wrapped up today with 5 exams and finally I’m free. For kicks the classes that I took were: Business Application Development, C#.Net Programming, Management Info Systems, Macro Economics, Finite Math, Accounting 2, Intro to Business Law. Needless to say it was a heavy load! But now the Summer is here and I get to take a break (for 12 days), getting to work with a new company doing things I love. But come May 12 I get to do 6 hours in a 3 week semester, lllooonnnngggg classes…. Then come June 1 the Summer can begin. Next up: Senior Year.