Online Branding Grows Wild

The question posed by Business Week is…

Which medium will represent the largest percentage increase in spending this year for your brand (or your top client)?

The results are in a pretty little graph, sorted by medium and budget. Remember this is for percentage increase.

The Future of Marketing

Notice anything? That’s right, Online Brand kills all three… Why? Because building a brand online is a hard but rewarding task. I believe in this sense branding can be best defined as: A traditional advertising method used to create an acquired response from a target audience based on cumulative impressions and positive reinforcement. Branding is geared towards increased product or company name awareness and gaining lifelong customers.

Wow, Lifelong customers… Can anyone think of great online brands? Google, Amazon, Ebay… These companies provide an excellent service and acquire life long customers because they constantly being branded as useful, reliable, friendly, etc. These companies were built online, so Online Branding was a must for them, but now we are seeing many larger corporations seeing the benefits of online branding and they are willing to pay big bucks!

What does this mean for us? More $.

These companies will continue to look for seasoned professionals in all aspects of internet marketing: Search Engine Mkt, Social Mkt Optimization, Search Engine Opt, Viral Mkt, and any other methods can be used to reel in a consumers trust and devotion. Now is the time to develop your consulting side of your business. Take out an hour a day to work on some powerful sales letters, presentations, and business techniques that you can sale to these companies with large marketing budgets, I know I will. And if you don’t have knowledge in all the fields then develop a consulting network of 5-6 professionals who work together to provide excellent advice and offer [expensive] services!

I’m off to design some letter head and some flash presentations, enjoy your nite morning!

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