Landing Page Quality – Make Crap == Make $

So recently I’ve been discovering more and more about my affiliate landing pages…
1. The Crappier the Better.
2. How’s Usually Help.
3. The Crappier the Better.

So there was this great offer that I’ve been watching for about 3 months… solid conversion rates at 11-18%, pretty good price in the PPC networks for the keywords, nice payout, and just a great product. So I build this nice landing page/mini-site with php rotating html automatically optimized to style with best click through rate, conversion tracking, dynamic keyword insertion… the works… So I started sending targeted traffic to it, and got a couple of conversions…. then poop. For like two day, lots of traffic no conversions… NONE! That really gets to me considering I was counting at least a 5% cr… So yesterday I said screw it and scrapped the whole site and started from scratch. I spent about an hour designing a mini-site in Dreamweaver (it’s UGLY), then wrote all my copy and ftp’d to my server. Today I’m seeing what I wanted… conversions.

On that offer I had an eCPC of $2.30. And spending $.05-.40 a click. Thats pretty dam good. My revelation is that people want ugly sites. I also made the big change by adding a “how is this done” section. Pretty much I explained the offer in detail to the end user, no bullshit.

Anyway I’m embarking on an experiment to test effectiveness of landing pages tested under identical conditions. I’ll upload some plans for it tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Landing Page Quality – Make Crap == Make $”

  1. Hey,just out of curiosity what was the offer you were promoting? It sounds interesting. I just got done promoting “Halo 3” today for I won’t know how it did until tommorrow since those bumbs don’t have real time tracking! You’d think as long as they ‘ve been in business they couild upgrade to that by now. But anyways I got a shitload of traffic for it !!!

  2. How can you be sure it wasn’t the “how is this done” section that made the difference. Perhaps you should add that to the original page and see what your conversions are like.

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