Hello Planet

Hello all! My name is Jesse and I am an Internet Marketer. Here at Coopreme.com I will explore and discuss the intricacies of internet marketing. I will blog about lead generation, affiliate sales, advertising, and any other topic that I see fit, all from my perspective.
A little about me…. I am a Junior at MTSU, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Computer Information Systems (Think Web Development). I love business, especially bootstrapping, and music. I am a generalist in the sense that I pride myself on being competent in many areas but not specialized in any single one. I’m 19 (20 in July) and I may be growing up too fast. That is all for now, come back soon for some delicious marketing advice.

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  1. A means of finding creative ways to support a start-up business until it turns profitable… Pretty much finding inexpensive ways to grow a business!

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