FaceBook Marketing Experiment

Facebook.com is a social network similar to Myspace (except way better). Now as any internet marketer knows, when a network with 19million users exists that market shall not go untapped. So since I spend so much time on facebook maybe that time should be compensated. My plan is use a combination of techniques to draw the users to a landing page, either an affiliate page or one monetized by contextual advertising.Facebook Flyers Facebook has many opportunities to reach potential users. Facebook Flyers are like banner ads that are displayed in rotation on every page of Facebook. Flyers cost $5 per 10,000 impressions, thats $.50 CPM, and you can target specific network/schools. The key to success with Flyers seems to be writing attractive copy to attract a high ctr (click through rate). The second method I will try is to email to find admins of groups with many members, over 1000. Facebook groups are very active but the key feature is the ability of the admin to message all group members. I believe I could offer the group admin $5 to send out a mass message and get a reasonable response.

So the two (very simple) methods I’ll use are…

  1. Buy Flyers
  2. Bribe students that run high member groups

I’ll also use a redirect to track the Flyers so I can differentiate between the referrals, also I will be using Google Analytics to track the results. I’ll start my research tonight and begin emailing admins tomorrow. Till then, adieu.

8 thoughts on “FaceBook Marketing Experiment”

  1. ya… the key will be to write AWESOME copy, i’ve tested it before and had terrible ctr… but im doing some different kind of testing for this experiment

  2. I found your blog from a post you made on some internet marketing group on Facebook. I’ve subscribed to your feed..keep us updated with your Facebook marketing efforts.

  3. Coop–

    Would love to hear how your Facebook experiment went. None of my colleagues were able to generate an ROI, despite the low CPM. Low CTR seems more a product of the userbase, as opposed to creative.

    I’m enjoying your blog, by the way– I’ve lost quite some time tonight on it!


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