AITP National Conference 2008

Just Got back from the AITP National Conference and I must say it was an excellent experience. I’ve learned that there is such a massive market for IT focused people, and I’ve learned the true value of these conferences, it is the people you meet.

This year’s Collegiate Conference was in Memphis, TN… about 3 hours from my home.  There were chapters from all over the country competing in Business Intelligence, Application Development, Microsoft Solutions, and Database, just to name a few. I competed in both Application Development and Microsoft Solutions, and although I didn’t win either I will be ready to win next year!  The problem statements were exceptional and they showed me that I still have a lot to learn about the programming world, so this summer I plan on gaining a slight mastery in C#.Net, while learning some new things like SilverLight and the new Expression Studio suite. (If you are a college student you can get all of this for free at DreamSpark.)

Anyways, thanks to everyone I met and thank you Gus from Microsoft for the advice and the stuff!

Go to conferences and meet people!!! The contacts you make are often the most valuable thing you have.

2 thoughts on “AITP National Conference 2008”

  1. Coop –

    I’m glad you had a great time, and learned a lot. I’m really glad that you will be ready to win next year. That’s what these conferences are all about. You come the first time to learn what you need to know to compete, and then you can excel the next time through.

    Would you do me a favor and post this article on the site? Visit to load an article.

    Look me up at the Oklahoma City 2009 NCC (April 2-4, 2009), and say “HI”. Hopefully we’ll see you on stage!

    Mark Kleine
    2008 AITP Association President

  2. Hey Mark!

    Thanks for the comment and I’m surprised you found my site!
    I submitted the article to AITP and left a link back, hopefully that will remain intact (love the link-juice).

    Really nice to meet you and the the rest of the leadership council, hopefully some of the ideas I presented about using RSS and customized contact methods will be used. By the way, the idea about the database of all AITP users and their work affiliations, area of expertise, and general living region would be a awesome tool!

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